DCC: Camp Fireside


'Bear' damage on western flank of building.

Location: Fireside, Oregon [Population: 75]

Description: The Fireside DCC is a large multi-use cabin facility operating under the guise of a small United States post office, owned and operated by DCC Specialist Peter Whitteney. The post office encompasses the front of the facility, which is separated from the DCC by a reinforced wooden door. Behind the civilian area, the building includes Whitteney's private living accommodations as well as various temporary accommodations for others should the situation arise, as well as a large office and meeting space, which serves as the DCC itself.

Cover Story: The Post Office lobby encompasses the front of the facility. Paperwork, reports, and files may be submitted directly through the post office window addressed to Peter Whitteney. Those coming for meetings, accommodations, and bounty negotiations for the first time should approach the counter and request 'to see Oliver'.



Firesite Staff
Peter Whitteney Clerk
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