The Starfish Guide To Surviving The Deep Dark

-They want to know you. Don't let them know you.

-They'll say nice things to you. They'll use your name instead of a number, they won't beat you, they'll feed you, they'll provide you with medical care. They still believe they are better than you, and they still look down on you. Know that they do not have good intentions, they see you as dirt to be put in a box, and that anything you say can and will be used against you.

-Don't let them know what you like. Don't show interest. The things you love can and will be used against you as well.

-You are an object. You are something they take notes on. Your acting out is troublesome to them.

-At night, they drive home and leave you there. They don't know what it's like to live in isolation. They'll invalidate you and your suffering. They'll seek to undermine you. Know that you are hurting.

-You may not speak to another non-Foundation person for months. You may not see the sky for just as long. Know that there is still a world out there.

-They will drug you, either with pills or in your food. They want to make you placid, easier to contain. Stop eating if you need to.

-They believe what they're doing is right. Nothing you say can change their mind.

-They will tell you you deserve this. You do not deserve this.

-They will beat it into you that you are nothing, that you don't matter, that you are a monster being placed in here for the good of those on the outside and that in this way your suffering is justified. They will tell you you deserve to be contained, to be isolated from society to any extent. This will fuck you up. If you grew up in deep containment, may spend the rest of your life unlearning this rhetoric.

-You are always worthy of love, no matter what you've done, or what you believe you've done. Believe in relentless, chaotic, brutal love. Believe in love for unlovable people.

-They will tell you containment is not punishment. Bullshit. It may not start that way, but they can and will use it as punishment.

-If you hear the words 'this is for your own good', be on guard. This is not for your own good, they do not know what's good for you, and when they say this they are putting themselves in a position above you and beating you down as incompetent. You are not incompetent. Do not buy into this.

-No one deserves containment. Even the word 'containment' implies that you are 1. a danger to anyone and everyone on the outside to the point where it is in the best interest of humanity to keep you locked up, and 2. you are being isolated for your own good. Again, anything that is done to you without your consultation under the guise of it being for your own good is bullshit.

-Don't leave us. Don't forget us. When we're forgotten, we're killed.

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