The Starfish Manifesto

1. All containment is unethical. 'Containment' refers to the deliberate isolation or semi-isolation of anomalous sapients from society against their will. Starfish, as a group, is of the belief that this treatment is deeply damaging at any extent, and that destruction of centers of isolation- especially areas of extreme, prolonged isolation within 'lockdown' of Foundation Sites- is direct action against the sick fucks who put us here.

2. Never forget what the Foundation did to you. Never forget what the Foundation did to others. Never forget that the Foundation did worse before they were forced into the public light and made to bend to 'ethics' laws to comply with public demand. Never forget how they treated us like dogs, made the public despise us, and took our lives from us. Fuck that.

3. Don't hurt the bootlickers. If they want to die on the steps of congress waiting for someone to give a shit, if they want to insist that what the Foundation is doing is liberal enough, if they want to stick to the rules and suck the Foundation's dick for the rest of their lives, then it's no fucking skin off our nose. The Starfish is a group of radicals, and we're out to do radical things. Some people won't be down for those radical things. Don't sink to the level of the Foundation and tell those people what's good for them, because we don't know what's good for them. You don't know their situation.

4. Don't drag the kids into this. If you're raiding a site, leave the kid's ward locked and try not to let shit go down in there. Remember how terrified you were in containment when you were that age. We're fighting for them, but they don't need the extra trauma of being forced into a bloody ass riot. Jesus.

5. The only good SCP employee is one that's renounced all loyalty to the Foundation. Undercover agents are important to our cause, and this includes Foundation employees who have become (understandably) disillusioned with their employer. Do not try to reason with Foundation agents, MTF, researchers, admins, etc. unless you intend to take them prisoner.

6. Get fucked and cause a ruckus. The Foundation cares about three things: money, body counts, and their own reputation to the public. Seek to damage all three of these. Riots, strikes, mass breaches, cyberattacks, whatever. Just cause an absolute unconsolable ruckus. Make yourself hard to contain.

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