An Assortment of SCP Scenes From 13 Year Old Me But They're Written By 20 Year Old Me

I tell people sometimes about all the wild SCP storylines and expanded canons I came up with when I was 13-15 years old. To my surprise, some of the descriptions of the more notable plot points garner attention in the form of 'that sounds pretty cool, actually'.

When I started to think more about these scenes, I realized that middle school me just…did not care. I didn't care about cringe. I didn't give a fuck. My sole goal was to have a good time, and I had a very, very good time, and in a way it gives these scenes a sort of freedom. I've decided to recreate some of these.

And they're fun. And I had fun. And I invite you to also have fun, and also to not take them seriously because holy shit lmao.

Table of Contents

An Invasion

The rain came in sheets on the corrugated roof.

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